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During the peak of the pandemic last year (2020) I got laid off from my job in O&G industry.
A friend told me about Utrains and my story in IT began. This program is very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of software delivery.
After intense studying of the class materials for 2-3 months, I landed my first job for 150k.
If you want to change your story financially or looking to become a Cloud or DevOps guru, Utrains is the place to be!!!!

Devops Engineer USA

Good morning my dear Agnes This is Nelly. I just wanted to give you a feed back from our first two weeks of class. I am so humble and blessed to be part of it. The thing that amaze me with prof, is that we pray before we start class since then the Holy Spirit is really guiding us. The way prof teaches is like he open your brain and put all the knowledge there. We thank you for his life and you as well being a big support system for him. May God continue to bless him with more wisdom. I am so confident majority of the class will get a job in no time after we done. Thank you. I feel like an engineer already 🙌🙏

A student

Before I got my first IT job, I could'nt imagine that I could earn more than $40k a year, but after this program, I'm happy to say that I earn $120 a year as my starting salary. I really appreciated the course structures and the lessons. The instructors are highly professional and they know how to transfer their knowledge.

Devops Engineer UK

All I can say is believe in yourself that you can do it and you will do it. You can make it by Hardwork, patience , perseverance, passion, and persistence. Fail 10 times rise 11 you will still make it, never lose the sight of a gazelle for a dashing squirrel. Above all keep God 1st.

Tech. Consultant & Cloud engineer USA

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Names Job title Salary per year
Aline Cloud Engineer 110k/year
Walter AWS Devops Specialist 100k/year
Laure Cloud Engineer 140k/year
Ariel Kubernetes Devops Engineer 120k/year
Ritah Onboarding Engineer 86k/year
Yannick Sr Cloud Engineer 115k/year
Tina Sr Cloud Engineer 130k+5k sign on 
Augustine Technology Lead 108k/year
Elvis AWS DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Arthur AWS DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Yinka   DevSecOps  Engineer 120k/year
Paul Sr Cloud Op Engineer 131k/year
Kenneth Cloud tech Engineer 125k/year
Elvin IT consultant 85k/year
Eric Solution specialist 95k/year
Herebert AWS Devops Specialist 110k/year
Joseph Cloud Engineer 90k/year
Dominique  Cloud Engineer 150k/year
Eric  Cloud Engineer 120k/year
Nahoumou  Cloud Engineer 105k/year
George  Cloud Engineer 130k/year
Nicholas Cloud Engineer 150k/year
Genevieve Cloud Devops Engineer 140k/year
Amy  AWS Cloud System Engineer 100k/year
Clement  Cloud Support Engineer 145k/year
Farhia  Senior Cloud Engineer 135k/year
Gael  Cloud DevOps Software Engineer 130k/year
Yvan Cloud Platform Engineer 120k/year
Ayukncha AWS Cloud System Administrator 90k/year
Names Job title Salary
Anna DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Catherine DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Flore DevOps Engineer 92500k/year
Randy DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Doriane DevOps Engineer 145k/year
Fred DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Arman DevOps Engineer 114k/year
Bernol DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Ivo DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Etiendem DevOps Engineer 145k/year
Carine DevOps Engineer 110k/year
yaw DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Patrice DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Ritah DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Adesoji DevOps Engineer 140k/year
Abiodun DevOps Engineer 123k/year
Jemy DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Frank DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Tonka DevOps Engineer 140k/year
Armand DevOps Engineer 114k/year
Ritah DevOps Engineer 86k/year
Cabrel DevOps Engineer 148k/year
Emilie  DevOps Consultant 120k/year
Ngozie DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Cabral DevOps Engineer 80k/year
Gilles DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Valette DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Erica DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Olive DevOps Man 125k/year
Olamide DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Michael DevOps Engineer 145k/year
Chris DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Ola DevOps Engineer 156k/year
Rimun DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Ebini DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Priscille DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Mireille DevOps Engineer 95k/year
Abdul DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Ayomide DevOps Engineer 101k/year
Noah DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Eric  DevOps Engineer 144k/year
Eugenia DevOps Engineer 120k/year
David  DevOps Engineer 150k/year
Faridou  DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Marcus  DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Gerard  DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Tachim  DevOps Engineer 70k/year
Yaovi  DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Beauty  DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Afolabi  DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Benjamin  DevOps Engineer 100k/year
Romuald  DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Yannick  DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Samuel  DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Cedric  DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Emmanuel  DevSecOps Engineer 110k/year
Aditan  DevOps Engineer II 150k/year
Serge  DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Florine  DevOps Engineer 72k/year
Dinga  DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Kojo k  DevOps Engineer III 105k/year
Excellent  DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Rosine DevOps Engineer 104k/year
Arnold DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Apoti DevOps Engineer 95k/year
Rodrigue DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Marcel DevOps Engineer 130k/year
Brice DevOps Engineer 166k/year
Astrid DevOps Engineer 173k/year
Yannick ebo DevOps Engineer 95k/year
Miza DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Victorine DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Fredderick DevOps Engineer 177k/year
Nancy DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Geraldine  DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Jean DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Hermine DevOps Engineer 85k/year
Alma DevOps Engineer 156k/year
Jonathan DevOps Engineer 140k/year
Ritah DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Mariama Devops Engineer II 100.5k/year
Laure Engineer IV 130k/year
Paul DevOps Consultant 125k/year
Fabrice DevOps Consultant 94k/year
Sandrine DevOps Consultant 140k/year
Chris DevOps Engineer 90k/year
Ayomide DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Joy DevOps Engineer 97k/year
Tanya DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Stephane DevOps Engineer 123k/year
Francine DevOps Engineer 80k/year
Cabral DevOps Engineer 80k/year
Stephanie DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Christopher DevOps Engineer 124k/year
Larissa DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Bolan DevOps Engineer 150k/year
Joelle DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Mireille DevOps Engineer 90k/year
George DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Ego DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Michele JPM 160k/year
Leon DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Govina DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Catherine DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Christian DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Pauline DevOps Engineer 124k/year
James DevOps Engineer 140k/year
David DevOps Engineer 110k/year
Judith  DevOps Engineer 98k/year
Kurtys  DevOps Engineer 100k/year
Munyar  DevOps Engineer 55k/year
Ayakncha DevOps Engineer 100k/year
Fleur DevOps Engineer 115k/year
Patrice DevOps Engineer 75k/year
Teddy DevOps Engineer 82k/year
Sylvia DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Jean Marie DevOps Engineer 135k/year
Aurelien DevOps Engineer 125k/year
Fanny DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Sulamithe DevOps Containerization Engineer 95k/year
Dagah DevOps Consultant 135k/year
Yannick DevOps Engineer 120k/year
Claude  DevOps Engineer 100k/year
Paul DevOps Engineer 105k/year
Edith DevOps Consultant 92k/year
NamesJob titleSalary
Jonathan Lead Devops Engineer           160k/year
SamSr DevOps Engineer150k/year
SalomeSr DevOps Engineer110k/year
OliviaSRE/DevOps Engineer135.2k/year
Annie Lead Analyst Engineer155k/year
EricSr Devops Consultant135k/year
Serge Sr Devops Consultant155k/year
MarcelSr DevOps Engineer130k/year
MirandaSr Scrum Master         130k/year
Ritah         Onboarding Engineer120k/year
AmorosOperation Production Analyst131k/year
Elly Technical DevOps Consultant120k/year
Lateef  Sr DevOps Engineer135k/year
Lydie Sr DevOps Engineer115k/year
Ebini Sr DevOps Engineer125k/year
Jallah Sr Devops Consultant120k/year
Farhia Sr Devops Consultant120k/year
Jah Sr Engineer135k/year
Benjamin  Sr DevOps Engineer130k/year
Batossa Sr DevOps Engineer120k/year
George  Sr DevOps Engineer120k/year
Adetayo System Administrator100k/year
NamesJob titleSalary
EmmanuelSite Reliability Engineer140k/year
MouyoSite Reliability Engineer110k/year
JimiSr Software Engineer147k/year
RandySite Reliability Engineer120k/year
JusticeSite Reliability Engineer110k/year
Adesoji Site Reliability Engineer125k/year
De BonheurSoftware Engineer90k/year
PaulaSoftware Engineer110k/year
VivianeCI Build  Engineer110k/year
LungoweCloud DevOps Developer110k/year
Adesoji Cloud DevOps Developer134k/year
Jeraldine  Soft OP Engineer113k/year
Lionel  Site Reliability
Maris  Site Reliability
Djock  Softw and application Eng85k/year
Armel Software Engineer115k/year
Miranda Software Engineer115k/year
Names Job title Salary
Guerin  Sr System Engineer 110k/year
Terence System Engineer 110k/year
Olujoke Sr System Engineer 94k/year
Nancy Linux Engineer 95k/year
Mokom Linux System Engineer 125k/year
NamesJob titleSalary
Komivi Site Reliability Engineer120k/year
Belomi Site Reliability Engineer150k/year
Wim Site Reliability Engineer110k/year
Maxime Site Reliability Engineer130k/year
Andre Site Reliability Engineer130k/year
RolandSite Reliability Engineer125k/year
Oscar Site Reliability Engineer110k/year
Eric  Vulnerability Management Analyst120k/year
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Minutes :

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